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Using makeup can make women more confident. The use of makeup every day can help cover the deficiencies that exist in women’s faces, such as acne scars or black spots.

However, during the rainy season, many women do not use makeup for fear of wearing off their makeup, and feel in vain because their makeup is damaged by rainwater.

Actually rain is not an excuse to keep you from using makeup. There are a few tips you can do so that the makeup you use stays on point even though it’s raining. Let’s take a look at the following tips.

  • Using Primer

Makeup tips remain on point even when exposed to rain, namely by using a primer before applying makeup, and after using routine skincare. This primer has a function as a makeup base, which can make makeup last longer.

So that makeup does not fade easily when exposed to rain, use a water-based primer, because it has a light texture and easily gets into the pores. Primers with a water-based texture are also safe to use for all skin types, helping to lighten pores and smooth out makeup.

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  • Using Waterproof Foundation

When the rainy season arrives, try to use a foundation that is made of waterproof. So that the foundation does not easily fade in the rain. But waterproof foundation is better for normal skin.

It’s good when it rains, don’t use a foundation that is too thick, because it can make the skin more oily. Friends of Female can use something like BB cream or CC cream as a substitute for foundation, which has a light texture and is safe to use on all skin types.

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  • Using Matte Powder

As a substitute for foundation so that your on point makeup remains flawless, you can use a powder with a matte finish. This powder is very light to use and very easy to use over and over again.

When applying the powder, first wet the powder puff, so that the powder sticks to the facial skin. The matte powder formula is also durable and gives better makeup results. After that, add a long lasting cream blush.

  • Using Waterproof Eye Makeup

During the rainy season, use eye makeup made from waterproof. So that it doesn’t fade easily when exposed to rainwater.

The eye makeup that smudges the easiest is mascara and eyeliner. Both types of makeup can make the eyes black, if this make-up is exposed to water. So use waterproof mascara and eyeliner, so that your eye makeup is still on point.

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  • Using Setting Spray

After using complete makeup such as foundation, powder, blush and eye makeup, use a setting spray that can lock your makeup.

Spray setting can help makeup stay on point, avoid dust, oil, sweat and safe from rainwater. Spray setting spray at a distance of 30cm to the face after applying makeup.

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